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ServeToPakistan is the right place to get all the updates about the latest happenings of inductions (Recruitment) at Armed Forces, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. The question maybe simple for the majority of the readers and the answer is simpler but we do care for those as well who are low in numbers and aren't finding the correct answer to this question. So we are here to help you and answer your questions. We want you to achieve your dream and we will try to add as much as we can. We will appreciate your feedback you can always drop us line through contact us page.

How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces?

Young generations' Love for Pakistan Armed Forces is increasing day by day and they want to be part of the armed forces but they really don't know how to apply, what is the process and all the required information. So to make it easier for all the Pakistan Armed Forces fans, I am going to explain the process which will help you to understand everything regarding joining Pakistan Armed Forces.

The very first stage is the initial stage where you have to complete initial test, medical and initial interview. Continue Reading